bounding brokenness

Update, patches accepted

With two more patches – one to enable support for my .wdseml file extension, the other to remove an old array API from a part of the code base – finally accepted, it’s time to focus on IMAP. The main problem is that itemDeleted notifications aren’t firing at all for messages. They have to fire at two places at least:
  1. When an item, that was previously there, has mysteriously disappeared.
  2. When an item is moved from one folder to another – this is because the destination folder, when opened, fires an itemAdded notification. itemMoveCopyCompleted can’t really work, as you really can’t stop the dest folder from doing an itemAdded. (Hmm, it’s possible, though: callers can simply ignore the itemAdded? No, that’ll only complicate matters further. Let’s see)
Most of the patch is ready, and I think I’ll put it up over the weekend. This is fun!