bounding brokenness

So I'm 19 years old now.

What’s changed in the past year?
  1. I finally got out of school and into IIT. What a refreshing change from the monotony of school. (It quickly wore out though.) It’s a relief to go from 7 hours a day (which got extended to 10 by class 12), 6 days a week to 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. However, the coursework is stepped up a level, which sort of cancels this out. It’s also my first time living in a hostel. I was overprepared for the change, so I didn’t notice it too much :) It’s a lot of fun, though you learn to respect home-cooked food.
  2. I’ve got a new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1520. My last computer is now seven years old, and the change was desperately needed. Compiling was slow as molasses on the desktop, and the only games that worked were emulated ones (SNES hooray). Dad’s using my old computer now; he has few needs apart from email and word processing.
  3. (Apologies for the Wikipedia link spam below) I’ve developed a taste in what I think is good music, mostly thanks to a great friend of mine. It started off with less listened to (but still great) stuff like video game music, Simon and Garfunkel, and Sufjan Stevens. Dad’s been asking me to listen to the Beatles for several years now, but I’ve never, ever listened to him in my life. I did heed my friend’s advice, though, when he asked me to listen to them, and I instantly fell in love with them. Today, I think that the Beatles are the best band ever. From there I started listening to Jethro Tull, Brian Eno, Jeff Buckley and after that The Who (Quadrophenia is brilliant). More recently, I’ve been listening to Porcupine Tree (a lot), The Answer and Joe Bonamassa, all recommended by friends. I think my current taste in music is quite accurately reflected in my profile. And no, I don’t like Led Zeppelin (apart from maybe Stairway to Heaven).
  4. I’m finally experiencing just a bit of large scale open source software development, thanks to the Google Summer of Code. All the stuff I’ve done so far is really basic, and I’ve still had problems. There’s tons more I need to learn.
I guess I’m just forgetting a lot more that should be here.