bounding brokenness

Switching to Octopress

I finally made the switch to Octopress today. I’ve managed to migrate all my Blogger posts to it, and set up HTTP 301 redirects so that people hitting my old posts and feeds aren’t lost.

I’m hosting my blog on Heroku, and the theme I’m using is the default Octopress theme (which is actually really nice) with a few tweaks. I’ve also played around with OpenType features, which only work in IE 10 on Windows 8, Firefox 15 and above on all platforms, and Chrome 16 and above on Windows and Linux. (Firefox 14 and below do support OpenType features, but with a different syntax I’m too lazy to support.)

Web fonts and Windows

Windows’ GDI ClearType has a really bad time dealing with most web fonts, including the ones I’m using for this site. DirectWrite does much better, but only works in IE 9 and above and in Firefox with hardware acceleration. Thus I made the call to disable web fonts for body text on Windows and use the similar-looking system font Constantia instead. I’ve left web fonts enabled for titles though.